ABC Custom Wood Shutters

Enhancing homes throughout Southern California since 1987

Why Us

In the past, purchasing shutters was approached the same way one would purchase fine cabinetry in your home. All sellers of shutters were licensed contractors who specialized only in the manufacturing of shutters. Unfortunately, with the introduction of low-end imports from China, window-covering companies are now the majority of sellers of shutters.

Window covering companies by definition are the middlemen. No direct role other than the sale. All accountability is delegated to the manufacturer and installation subcontractors. A window covering company will usually pick a factory based solely on cost, product quality is usually secondary. Their profit occurs at the point of sale not installation. There are no industry standards for painting, installation and materials. Why allow a third party to decide?

At ABC Shutters we believe the most qualified company is a manufacturer who specializes only in shutters. We are the local manufacturer, not a middleman, window covering company or big box store. We do not pick another company for you.

We at ABC Shutters believe the “finish” of our shutters is the most visible and important part of our product. Our ten-step process ensures a silk like finish consistent with fine furniture grade standards. We are so confident of our work, we encourage all customers to visit our showroom and take a factory tour.

All of our basswood products have significant strength properties to prevent sagging and gaps between panels and frames. We use a 5 knuckle recessed mortise hinges without spacers.

Our streamline design team will walk you through every step of the process. Design, sale and management are done directly with the owners. We have manufactured and installed shutters in over 25,000 homes since 1987. Our contractor’s license # is 801101.

Finally, we are owner managed. David Harris and John Stahman are fully active in the management of the business. Our backgrounds in Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering have allowed us to be leaders in custom finishing and manufacturing which is represented in the quality of every shutter we manufacture and install.

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"Mercy C. Irvine, CA 12/8/2010 I compared prices between Costco, 3-day blinds and ABC Shutters. ABC Shutters had the best price! They had great service and really GREAT PRICES. Also,"

Proudly Made in the USA. Our products are custom manufactured in our Orange County factory.